Tuesday, September 22, 2009

U.S. Media Lauds Tarrus Riley

From the pages of the New York Times to the hallows of the BET TV studios, Reggae sensation Tarrus Riley has been widely heralded for the growing success of his recently launched third studio album, Contagious.
With some of the world's most influential entertainment entities including the iconic JET Magazine, BET and the classic Essence magazine 'singing his praises', Riley is widely touted as the next big reggae act out of Jamrock and sets the current standard, says the NY Times, for international reggae music acts today, "Peter Tosh sang of Reggaemylitis in 1981, diagnosing a pandemic of indigenous Jamaican music spreading around the world. But in the 28 years since the death of Tosh's bandmate Bob Marley, reggae has sought a new standard-bearer - Mr Riley ..." Music mavens at Billboard also gush praises for Tarrus: "Armed with all the right ingredients from his harmonious brand of love-inspired roots reggae, Tarrus is one of Jamaica's shining superstars ..."
His star also burned unbelievably bright as he made a recent feature appearance on BET's new show 'The Deal'. Dedicated to showcase emerging talent as well as highlight the current video toppers, Riley was invited on set to speak about his beginnings, his inspirations and his music. "The music of my generation is predominantly dancehall but being who I am and how I grew up, my father a singer and my mother a nurse, I embraced music because of its comforting nature. It is healing music, no matter what going on in your life, music soothes the soul and that is exactly the effect Tarrus Riley's music should have on you ... good music with a positive message," he said.
A modern-day 'Reggae Pied Piper', Riley's talent, passion and originality has reignited worldwide interest in classic roots reggae, an honour which Riley is only too happy to fulfil.
"My music is healing music and its mystic lies within the 'roots'. We can sing any style but we don't stray from the 'roots' message. My music is truly contagious and I want the whole world to catch it." he says.
His immediate mission in his bid to 'infect' the world with medicinal melodies saw him join forces with Contagious' producer and legendary saxophonist Dean Fraser, upcoming reggae singer Duane Stephenson and the Blak Soil Band on a five-week tour of North America and Canada, spreading the message of positivity, unity and love.
Performing in almost 30 cities, Riley's rich alto-mastered tracks from his latest work include Start Anew, Love's Contagious, Human Nature, Soul Mate, Life of A Gun, Good Girl Gone Bad as well as renditions from his international chart-topping album, Parables, including the smash hits She's Royal, Lion Paw and Stay With You.
Riley's melodious harmonies, powerful interactions with sax man Dean Fraser, crooner Duane Stephenson and the refreshing young talent of Sherieta Lewis earned the singer further praise from international music media who were enamoured with his talent: "As festivals and parades around the country celebrate the last few unofficial moments of summer, people are trying to figure out how to keep the summer vibe burning all year long. One certain way is to take a listen to roots reggae star Tarrus Riley ..." quips Essence magazine.