Sunday, September 13, 2009

Rebelution Live at The Social in Orlando

Having been to numerous Reggae Shows over the years I have come to realize that they NEVER start on time. "Show Time" usually covers a span of about an hour or two or three. If the show is scheduled to start at 8 pm it's usually 10 pm, or later, before it starts. I've gotten used to it and I usually don't waste my time getting there early or even getting there at "Show Time" because it's always later than advertised.

That being said, I wrongly assumed the same for Rebelution's show in Orlando on August 30th.

I arrived, feeling I was there in plenty of time, only to find that they were already about 20 minutes into their set. They started right on time. Props to the band. I appreciate punctuality. Obviously starting late is a 'Jamaican' thing. Ask a Jamaican what time something starts and they typically say..... "Usual Time". Where is it at?....."Usual Place". Time is not of the essence and I'm very cool with that. The laid back mentality is refreshing and welcome.

From the time I arrived, I picked up on one thing regarding Rebelution.....They LOVE performing. This was verified when I spoke to Eric Rachmany a couple of days later. They also have chemistry. Eric and Marley were feeding off of each other, sparring back and forth throughout the show. The energy level was tremendously high and constant. To me, Reggae Music is always better Live. That was definitely the case with Rebelution. And don't get me wrong, I love their albums. When you take the brilliance they create in the studio to the stage you can't go wrong.

One thing that's nice when a band is relatively young and only has 2 full length albums and an EP to their credit is that you pretty much get to hear them play EVERY song. (Other than the 20 minutes I missed) Fortunately, I was there in time to hear my favorites. "Running"..... incredible. "Feelin' Alright".... mesmerizing. "Suffering" notch. "Outta Control" was just that. "Lazy Afternoon" was a perfect change of pace to a well planned set list.

Rebelution are seasoned musicians. I can't overemphasize how GREAT they sound live and how WELL they perform together. That let's me know that they're going to be around for many years to come. Which, of course, means there will be MANY future opportunities to see them perform. The next chance I get I'll make sure of one thing......I'll be on time!