Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Exclusive Interview with Eric Rachmany of Rebelution PART 2

RR: Any other influential artists that you give credit to?

Eric: Not as much as Don Carlos but I guess all of the Black Uhuru stuff is something that I got into pretty heavily. The genre is so…there’s so many songs that I’ve heard and learned over the years that I’ve got into. I’ve been into different artists at different points.

RR: The Jamaica Observer recently did an article about the band. How does that feel?

Eric: Yeah, I saw that. That’s awesome! Wow! I can’t believe it! Also, the Gleaner did an article on us a little while ago. That was cool. Very, very cool.

RR: Have you been to Jamaica? Do you have any plans to perform or record there?

Eric: I haven’t been yet but it’s on the list. I gotta go there.
We don’t have any plans right now but we definitely would like to, that’s for sure. There’s a lot artists you can collaborate with. There’s also probably a lot of music I could gather just by going to Jamaica and bring it back and see what I like. I’m actually super particular about what I listen to. For every song that I like there’s so many that I don’t. Once you get into that one song that you like I play it over and over again until I’m sick of it and then move on to another song that I love. That’s how I song write too. I like to think of a melody in my head just over and over again and I think about it all the time until it turns into a song and then I’ll move on to the next song. It’s hard for me to write multiple songs at once.

RR: I think that’s why your lyrics and songs have such quality to them, because of that effort.

Eric: Thank you.

RR: You guys have really developed a good following in the States. Do you have any plans Internationally?

Eric: We’ve been talking a little bit about going to Aruba. We have a lot of good fans in Aruba and we’ve been to Guam before and played for the fans out there and that was amazing. Of course, Hawaii is part of the country but it sort of feels like another country. We definitely have been talking about going to Europe. I don’t know if our publicist told you but when we released ’Bright Side of Life’ I was looking on my computer and saw that in France we were the #5 most down-loaded Reggae album when it first came out. That was really surprising. I had no idea that people knew our stuff there. We definitely want to go to Europe we think we’d be really great out there and to see that part of the world. We’ve never been out there. We’d love to go.

RR: Any particular artist that you would at some point like to work with?

Eric: Definitely, Don Carlos is my #1. I just got to meet him in Ft. Lauderdale the day before we did the show in Orlando. We were talking about maybe collaborating at some point. That would be really cool. As far as some of the new artists and some of the dance hall artists. Collie Budz would be pretty cool. I like him a lot. I think he’s pretty innovative. There’s a guy out of Sweden named Million Stylz, he seems pretty cool. I like his message a lot. He’s a little more Dance Hall than Rebelution. It would still be a pretty neat combination.

Part 3 Coming Friday.........