Friday, September 25, 2009

Not an Easy Road for Buju Banton

It's not difficult to imagine Buju Banton performing his prophetic hit song Not An Easy Road some time soon, making adjustments to the lyrics, replacing the word road with 'tour'."It's Not An Easy Tour" would be quite apt.
Apart from shows that have been cancelled, this is the third time on the current US tour that there has been a change of venue. And this is the second time in the same city - Richmond, Virgina. The show had to be moved as gays have been applying tremendous pressure on the Gargamel.
"In what has turned out to be the most controversial reggae show ever brought to Virginia, the Buju Banton Richmond show has yet again been moved to a new location! The Hat Factory has bowed to pressure placed on them by the gay lynch mob who have zeroed in on Buju Banton and are determined that he will not perform in Richmond, Virgina.
"However, the gay activists have seriously underestimated the power of Jah, and the show, which will go on, has been moved to the Richmond Skateland, located at 5512 Hull Street, Richmond, VA on Saturday, September 26th," an e-mail from sources connected the controversal tour stated.
As reported in last week's Splash, the gay community in Richmond, VA is determined in its fight to prevent Buju Banton from performing in their city.
They have been loud in their outcry against the Jamaican entertainer. So determined are they, that they even sent an e-mail to city councilwoman Ellen Robertson, threatening violence as well as revenue loss to the venue called The National.
This development came on the heels of a number of other shows that were cancelled. This prompted Buju's camp to issue a statement seeking to assure fans that the tour is definitely on and that efforts were being made to replace the cancelled shows at different venues.
The Rasta Got Soul tour has some 30 dates before completion.
(from the Jamaica Observer)


  1. Darfur ll Gaza ll Rwanda ll Holocaust ll BoomByeBye ll Lynchings...what buju won't face up to is that he put into the universe a song that has been played millions of times calling for the execution of god's gay-lesbian children. And intersex, too, like Caster Semenya. It's not murder's genocide music. All buju has to do is make clear that he's not calling GENOCIDE, and doesn't believe people should be killed, and the US gays will move on.

    buju, don't you know that you're worshipping one of the ugliest parts of colonialism, which is its intense homophobia? Thank God South Africa, under the leadership of Nelson Mandela and Bishop Desmond Tutu, has mostly put that behind them.

    In many ways the boycotts have already been successful. buju would have the stature of Mr. Bob Marley around the world, if he'd used his talent to promote his one love...instead of his one hate, which is his hatred of gay-lesbian-bisexual-transgender people!