Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Tarrus Riley Concert Review

Energetic, Humble, Gracious, Charismatic.........All of these terms aptly describe Tarrus Riley. For someone who has achieved tremendous success in the Reggae Industry, he remains rooted and grounded. He enjoys what he does and it really shows. He also appreciates his fans and, no doubt, realizes that their support has been crucial in his meteoric rise to stardom.
I'm basing much of this on Tarrus' stage show performance a few weeks ago in St. Pete. He interacted with the crowd like an appreciative artist would and should. Tarrus calmly hit the stage with the powerful 'Lion Paw' and from there the crowd was mesmerized. It was hit after hit. Included among them was 'Love's Contagious', 'Micro Chip', 'Stay With You' and many more. There was nothing missing. The consumate bandleader, Dean Fraser was at his best. Blak Soil was tight. The harmony trio sang like birds.

A deadly medley that included 'Friend Enemy', 'Start a New', and 'Far Away' was scintillating. On 'Human Nature' Tarrus was smooth and mellow. He even treated the audience to a little MJ medley during the introduction complete with moonwalk! (Yes, you read that correctly and Yes, it was good!)

'She's Royal' brought the crowd to a fever pitch. Wheel and Come again! Music so nice you haffi play it twice!

The evening would have been memorable had it ended there but Tarrus wasn't done. The intro to the next tune was unique and left many guessing, including myself. However, when Tarrus belted out "Blak Soil.. Russian...Head Concussion!" the crowd erupted!! With 'Good Girl Gone Bad, Tarrus definitely saved the best for last, adeptly handling the deejaying as well as the singing. The highlight of a wonderful evening.

Tarrus Riley is a performer. His stage presence is remarkable. The man truly enjoys every minute that he is up there. If you ever have the opportunity to see him in concert DO NOT miss it. You will be treated to a memorable experience.

"Blak Soil.....Russian"!..........See what I mean. It's been weeks and I still can't get it out of my head.