Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bob Marley Beer Coming Soon!!

The family of Bob Marley have sealed a deal to market the singer’s image, songs and words on a range of merchandise. Marley’s eldest daughter, Cedella, said she is considering offers to market a range of Bob Marley-endorsed ventures including beer, coffee, headphones, hotels, snowboards and cafes. She told BBC News that the late reggae star’s family is currently working with private equity firm Hilco to market the products.“We’re open to licensing just about anything,” Marley said, although she added that the main instigation behind the move was to combat unauthorised material bearing Marley’s name or music. She said: “This is a big business for bootleggers. We want to stop some of the nonsense, and make sure the great stuff upholds our standards. We’re in control.”Marley denied that the move has resulted in Hilco effectively owning a part of the Marley estate, saying “nothing has been sold”.