Monday, March 08, 2010

Reggae Sing-jay Junior Kelly Hits The Campaign Trail With His Highly-Anticipated “Red Pond” Album

MIRAMAR - Prolific sing-jay Junior Kelly hits the ground running with his upcoming album entitled “Red Pond”, which is scheduled for release on April 6th, 2010. This will be his fourth album for leading reggae distributor, VP Records, and the eighth album for Junior Kelly. Junior Kelly begins the campaign trail with an extensive five-week tour of Europe, alongside reggae crooner Warrior King and backing by the world renowned Firehouse Crew, one of the main producers on the album. This tour is only the tip of the iceberg, as there are a series of shows and tours currently being organized to highlight this album, which will include stops in the Caribbean, South America, Japan, and the USA along the way. The album is aptly titled “Red Pond”, from the nickname given to the Spanish Town community in which Junior Kelly spent most of his years growing up, and it covers many life experiences and emotions he felt while living there. The album takes the listener through many hardships faced in any ghetto, the relentless trials to flee from it and stumbling blocks preventing achievement of goals and a better life, however Kelly shows that the best way to triumph over these adversities is by first “believing in one’s self, getting up, going out there, putting your working shoes on and better will come on one bright day”.
Junior Kelly’s dream is that humanity will realize that there is “nothing wrong with the world, just the people living in it, and if we look critically at ourselves and believe in ourselves, we can make a difference and there is nothing that we cannot achieve!!” Therefore, the first single released from the album is “Nutten Nuh Wrong With The World”, which was released last October on VP’s “Reggae’s Biggest One Drop Anthems 2009” and is currently picking up steam on airwaves worldwide. It is also critical to note that Junior Kelly’s strong global appeal stems from the fact that, unlike his fire-burning counterparts, he is one of the few conscious Rastafarian reggae entertainers, whose material has never been deemed offensive or discriminatory to one group or another, and he has not embroiled himself in the anti-gay semantics currently embattling the Jamaican music industry. The album is a well crafted masterpiece that is in dire need right now to uplift the moral fiber of our society. It is a welcomed breath of fresh air and well worth the wait, so go out and get your copy, not the bootleg, as we need to do all we can to aid the ailing reggae music industry’s sales!!!

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