Saturday, March 27, 2010

Don Corleon Seeks New Talent

Although he is busy putting out rhythms, producer Don Corleon has set up a talent search with the aim of finding new artistes.
He said he started the competition about a week ago.
"Basically, it's just a competition weh mi just a look fi some new talent. It has to be the whole hundred, the attitude, everything has to be right. It's not based on just a song," Corleon told THE STAR.
He added: "I am trying to groom young people who can make an impact on Jamaica. It can be an artiste from anywhere, no discrimination."
He said he decided to start the talent search based on the many requests he had been getting from people wanting to work with him. So, he decided to start the competition to help some of these aspiring artistes.
To enter the competition, the entrants have to send an email to doncorleonrecords In this email, the individual must include three of his or her best songs, a biography and why he or she wants to work with Corleon's record label.
Since starting the competition, which he first advertised on the social networking website Twitter, Corleon said he has received more that 300 emails from persons wishing to work with him. Despite the magnitude of entries after merely one week of opening the competition, Corleon said he plans to listen to all the entrants.
"I plan to listen to all of them. It's an opportunity for me to hear them. Same so when somebody give mi Pressure CD, if mi neva listen to it mi wouldn't discover him," he told THE STAR.
But Corleon says he wants the competition to be a continuous one. He said this first leg will be closed in June and then it will be reopened later. However, he said the persons who are not chosen will have to resubmit their entries. In addition, he plans to advertise the competition online and in the media.
In the midst of all this, Corleon is still keeping busy, as he continues promoting his 'Gala' rhythm, which was released on itunes and amazon on Tuesday night. It features artistes like Sean Paul, Vybz Kartel, Munga, Vegas, Brown Sugar, Natel, ZJ Liquid and Ce'Cile.
He said he is also working on a new dancehall rhythm called 'Baheba' and a one-drop rhythm that has not been named. -The Star