Thursday, March 11, 2010

Gramps to collaborate with Musiq Soulchild, Ziggy Marley on new album

REGGAE crooner, Gramps Morgan, is still on a musical high, this after a whirlwind year in 2009 which culminated with him winning the Album of the Year at the 2010 EME Awards in Jamaica for his debut album, Two Sides Of My Heart Vol 1.
The 6' 2" former football superstar is currently in studios recording tracks for his next big project, a Country and R&B album about which he is very passionate. The disc, tentatively titled 2 Sides Of My Heart Vol 2, will feature an all-star cast including collaborations with R&B singer Musiq Soulchild and reggae superstar Ziggy Marley while Willie Lat from LA, Shannon Sanders and Blu Miller from Nashville will produce a few tracks. The disc hit stores later this year.
"It's like coming full circle for me because I have always had a fascination with Country and R&B music. This is my second solo project and I am feeling really great about how things are coming together so far," he confided.
The album promises to be an eclectic blend of R&B and Country songs that he says will make a bold statement once it is completed. While a country and R&B album is not something most people expect from a reggae crooner, as he explains, he is doing the album to keep the fun going in the industry and to do the unexpected.
"I wanna have fun with the music without becoming predictable... plus it has been a dream of my father to see this day," he confessed. "It is a project that my entire family is very proud of and they have been very supportive."
Among the featured tracks that are already completed are Delicate Balance, Jamaica and Better Man.
While his label Dada Son Entertainment will assume responsibility for the project, he is open to a distribution deal with a major label.
"The success of the disc, especially in the international market will depend on how much we put in marketing but a major label would definitely help to take the project to the next level. Distribution wise, they have an established network in place that could help to get the product to the large number of music lovers out there. I am confident that with the muscle of a major on board as a distributor, I could move 500,000 units," he declared.
Aside from working on his own new solo album, Gramps is juggling multiple projects. He is in studio's recording with his brothers and sister from Morgan Heritage. He is also working with J Boog from Hawaii on his new album and is helping his dad, Denroy Morgan, (I'll Do Anything For You) on a soon-to-be-released autobiography.
"Right now I am multi-tasking on various projects which is something I am completely at home with. I am working on a special project for Disney and looking forward to doing some stuff on the big screen which will be coming soon."-Observer