Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Joe Gibbs '12” Discomix Showcase Vol.4 and 5' Review

VP Records and 17 North Parade gives Reggae connoisseurs a double shot with the release of Joe Gibbs 12” Reggae Discomix Showcase Volumes 4 and 5 . Collected and compiled together for the very first time!

These collections of hits features re-mastered Joe Gibbs and Errol Thompson produced 12” singles from the golden age of Reggae (1977-82). Featuring some of the greatest singers, deejays, and musicians that pioneered Reggae music into the genre we know and love today. Junior Murvin, Sammy Dread, Ruddy Thomas, Junior Byles, Dennis Brown, George Nooks, Trinity, and many more are featured.

Volume 4 focuses primarily on romance-inspired tunes including the classic, though somewhat obscure Dennis Brown tune entitled Your Man. The Crown Prince is in vintage form on a tune that would hold its own when compared to some of his finest works from the 1970s. George Nooks provides an excellent interpretation of the Four Season’s classic Working My Way Back to You. Trinity toasts flawlessly on the version. Wayne Wade concludes the set strongly with the John Holt classic After You. Again, Trinity, aka Wade Brammer, rides the version with simple precision.

Volume 5 is geared more towards the conscious side of things with a few lovers tracks mixed in. Earth and Stone get things off to a scorching start on Ring Craft only to be slightly outdone by the toasting of Snuffy and Wally on Dreader Mafia. The haunting laughs and verbal sparring flow perfectly over the version. Su Su Pon Rasta (Naggo Morris), Burn Babylon (Sylford Walker), and Time Stiff (Junior Murvin) are all heavy roots burners. Junior Vibes closes the compilation with the quality lovers tune The Man In Me.
Regarding these two showcases one thing is for certain: Joe Gibbs and Errol T were at the top of their game. The listener is treated to not only the original single but also the extended deejay version or the extended dub version on every track. These compilations are must-haves for any fan of roots reggae. Listening to them will only enhance your appreciation for the obvious influence 1970s reggae has had on the genre. There are many snippets and melodies on these mixes that modern-day artists have “borrowed” or ‘incorporated’ into their work, proving that the future is not possible without paying tribute to the past. Recommended.


George Nooks & Trinity - Joe Gibbs 12" Reggae Discomix Showcase Vol. 4

Track Listing Volume 4:
1. Dreadlocks Time/Fist To Fist- Junior Byles w/Kojak & Liza
2. I Can’t Stand The Rain/Same Complaint- Hortense Ellis & Prince Weedy
3. Your Man- Dennis Brown
4. Natty Dread She Want/Pain A Back- Delroy Melody & Trinity
5. Sky Juice- Hugh Griffiths w/Kojak & Liza
6. Shake Your Body Down To The Ground- Ruddy Thomas & Welton Irie
7. Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough- Derrick Lara & Trinity
8. My Love/Can’t Take Me Landlord- Wade Brammer & Lui Lepke
9. Working My Way Back To You- George Nooks & Trinity
10. Why Girl/Did We Have To Part- Earth & Stone w/Trinity
11. After You/Love Me Forever- Wayne Wade & Trinity


Junior Vibes & U-Mikes - Joe Gibbs 12" Reggae Discomix Showcase, Vol. 5

Track Listing Volume 5:
1. Ring Craft/Dreader Mafia- Earth & Stone w/Snuffy & Wally
2. Su Su Pon Rasta/Stop Su Su Pon the Dread- Naggo Morris & Trinity
3. Burn Babylon/Don’t Trouble Natty Dread- Sylford Walker &Trinity
4. Let The Power Fall/Give I Power- Carl Brown & Prince Mohammed
5. Time Stiff/Time So Rough- Junior Murvin & Trinity
6. Sweet Sensation/Sweet Drum and Bass- Carol Gonzales & Paddy Roots
7. Being With You- Ruddy Thomas w/Joe Tex & U-Black
8. Playmate aka Bum Ball/Scorcher- Home T. Four & Delroy Jones
9. Dreadlocks Girl/She Never Love Me So- Sammy Dread & Tappa Zukie
10. Captain Selassie/Under Me- Icho Candy & Earl Scorcher
11. The Man In Me/ Loving Galore- Junior Vibes & U-Mike