Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Mighty Diamonds ‘Inna De Yard’ Review (Makasound/Soundicate)

The Mighty Diamonds are the last true survivors of the great era of roots vocal trios. All others have withered, disbanded, or changed their voices. Donald ‘Tabby’ Shaw, Lloyd ‘Judge’ Ferguson, and Fitzroy ‘Bunny’ Simpson never broke up. They have truly stood the test of time, sounding as good today as they did when they formed the group in 1969.

Their ‘Inna De Yard’ session, recorded at Earl ‘Chinna’ Smith’s yard in mid-February 2007, is a work of absolute brilliance! (Check the pictures in the liner notes and you’ll see they actually recorded in his backyard!)

10 tracks of soulful, roots harmony the way the songs were created.

All the classics are here including I Need a Roof, Have Mercy, When the Right Time Come, and Country Living. Some tunes are accompanied by Nyahbinghi drums others feature only a guitar. The constant on every track is the sweet, poignant vocals of three gifted singers.

The Mighty Diamonds ‘Inna De Yard’ does not disappoint!

Track Listing:

1. Country Living
2. Bodyguard
3. Poor Marcus Garvey
4. 4000 Years
5. I Need a Roof
6. Leaders of Black Country
7. When the Right Time Come
8. Go Seek Your Rights
9. Have Mercy
10. One Brother Short