Thursday, July 23, 2009

Queen Ifrica 'Welcome to Montego Bay' Review

Queen Ifrica returns strong with her sophomore album entitled 'Welcome to Montego Bay'. After a Nyabinghi Chant sets the stage the upbeat and wicked title track sets the album ablaze. An trus me now, the Fyah Muma nah let de flame go out! On tracks like ' Lionness on the Rise', 'Far Away', and 'In My Dreams' she showcases her incredible singing voice, reminscent of a Jamaican India Arie.Her singjaying skills are on full display as well. The socially conscious 'Keep It To Yourself' flows beautifully over Donovan 'Vendetta' Bennett's 'Secrets' Riddim. The controversial but poignant 'Daddy' definately will raise awareness and let's everyone know that Queen Ifrica is not afraid of tackling even the most sensitive of issues.The social commentary continues on 'Streets Are Bloody', a powerful condemnation of senseless killings and the heartache that results, over a lovely acoustic riddim. The album closes with a 'spanish' version of 'Daddy' complete with a nice uptempo, salsa style riddim. Queen Ifrica is truly one of the best ladies in the business and with this album in her repertoire she can definately hang with the big BOYS of reggae music. Get it. You won't be disappointed.

Track Listing:

1. T.T.P.N.C.
2. Welcome to Montego Bay
3. Coconut Shell
4. Lioness on the Rise
5. Yad to the East
6. Far Away
7. Don't Sign
8. Daddy
9. Keep it to Yourself
10. Calling Africa
11. In My Dreams
12. Streets Are bloody
13. Daddy (Espanol)

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