Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Alborosie "Escape From Babylon" Review

Alborosie has established himself as one of the premier reggae artists of the time. "Escape From Babylon" reaffirms this fact.Seriously, without having seen him would you have any idea he was Sicilian? No sir. De Bwoy a Yardie!"Momma She Don't Like You" is one of the BoomTunes on the album. The pulsating Ska Riddim mek ya wanna dance an sing! When Pupa Albo boasts: 'She love the way me cook me pasta, She tell dem duggie drivin a Testarossa' it makes me immediately think of what I've always loved about reggae music: The artists say what they want. Whatever subject or phrase or metaphor . It no matter. Dem jus' catch a vibe an run wid it."Good Woman" is another tune full of lovable, if not laughable, lyrics. 'Good woman jus keep ya hearts clean, jus gwan get purified inna Jah washing machine.' I actually laughed out loud when I first heard those words. However, in my opinion, this is one of the things that makes reggae so endearing and appealing.
The only thing missing on "I Rusalem" is Alpha Blondy. I can hear it now: 'Jay-rus-a-lem, here I am. Jay-rus-a-lem, je t'aime.' "America" kicks off the set with a nice horn laden, one drop riddim and some hard-hitting words for the powers that be. "Mr. President" echoes the same sentiments but this time directed at the Italian Heads of State."Global War", "Humbleness", and "One Sound" with Gramps Morgan are ALL stand out tracks. "Promised Land" is another gem on this album with the singer flowing beautifully over a track eerily similar to Burning Spear's 'Columbus'. (By the way, I love that Tune!) Over all this album is a 'MUST HAVE' for anyone who loves conscious, roots reggae. And, I gotta say, if your love for reggae is just starting to blossom this is an album that will strengthen those feelings.

Track Listing:
1. America
2. No Cocaine
3. Mama She Don't Like You - featuring I.Eye
4. Global War
5. Money
6. I Rusalem
7. Can't Stand It - featuring Dennis Brown
8. Real Story
9. Good Woman
10. Dung A Babylon
11. One Sound - featuring Gramps Morgan
12. Humbleness
13. Promised Land
14. Mr. President
15. Operration Uppsala
16. Likkle Africa