Tuesday, October 01, 2019

Jah Cure "Royal Soldier" Review (VP Records)

I’ve been a big fan of Jah Cure since the “Run come love me” days.  He continues to evolve his sound and message. For this I’m grateful.  The album starts with an uplifting hymn of confidence and forwards into an incredible, positive tune, pleading with Jah to send us a “Brighter Day”, with emphasis on Kingston and Montego Bay as the two cities continue to battle the woes of a petty gangster lifestyle. “Telephone Love” has been floating around as a single for a few years now.  It hits on every level!  “Magic” makes great use of the Beres Hammond hit “I wish”. Tory Lanez adds his touch to really shine up the track.  “Risk it All” is classic Jah Cure in combination with Phyllisia Ross.  Cure doesn’t miss lyrically when it comes to the ladies.  “Pretty Face” is an uptempo love tune with definite crossover ability. We even get a little bit of the Cure flexing his singjay muscles.  “Work it Out” is another classic, one drop love tune for the ladies.  Melanie Fiona’s feature is immaculate alongside the Cure's raspy falsetto.  “Eyes on Your Body” is a nice combination tune in an R&B style.  “Only You” doesn’t disappoint, as the Cure brings in the great Mya from the late 90’s/early 00’s R&B heyday.  It’s lovely to hear these two voices together.  “Don’t You Walk Away” is another classic Cure love song.  As I said before, he doesn’t let the ladies down lyrically......Ever!  The album takes a roots one drop turn with “Royal Soldier”. As the drum rolls kick off and the bass line drops, Jah Cure pleads for positivity and upliftment in his life.  Something we could all use more of.  “Life is Real” is another single that has been floating around for some time now.  He takes on the roll of inner city youths who feel crime is the only way out.  It’s a wicked tune with excellent imagery.  Popcaan & Padrino add a great layer of social commentary over Jah Cure's potent lyrics.  “Street Kings” ends the album with another heater, sampling the great Half Pint's “Greetings” in the background.  Yami Bolo and Junior Reid alongside Jah Cure's and Half Pint's voice is truly incredible!  What a great idea to combine these legendary, albeit similar voices together.  The only one missing is Mykal Rose!  Capleton adds a stellar feature in classic Clifton Bailey style, that only he can provide.  In my opinion, “Royal Soldiers” and “Street Kings” are the stand outs, but there is most definitely something for everyone as the Cure tends to do with each of his meticulously created albums.  On another note, I got a chance to meet and spend some time with  Jah Cure before a show earlier this year in Negril. (Give thanks to Doctor Dread for making this happen.)  He couldn’t have been any more pleasant to be around, as the feeling of love, joy and gratitude filled the air.  He even had his young daughter with him, who was just a delight.  Big up Jah Cure! Much respect and blessings to you, King.  Keep making great reggae music, the world needs it now more than ever.  One Love.
- contributed by DownTown

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