Sunday, May 22, 2011

Cherine and Chuck Fenda Drop Summer Hit "Call On Me"

Dancehall Soul Queen Cherine and Chuck Fenda "The Living Fire" have done it again. They are two of Jamaica's best talents and have teamed up to release a sizzling new hit single "Call On Me". The track is produced by Unga Notice for Desires Production and is poised to do very well in the coming months.

Cherine's sultry and soulful voice combined with Chuck Fenda's melodic tone gives "Call On Me" a unique sound that only these two could have created. "Call On Me" as the title suggests is a song that encourages lovers to rely on each other, and celebrates real love. The song is perfect for lovers.

Since their massive reggae hit "Coming Over", fans and supporters have been asking for another collaboration. According to Cherine "since our hit "Coming Over", we talked about doing another song together but we've both been really busy so it just took longer than we expected". Chuck Fenda added that "we had to respond to the people, the people in the streets a ask for another Fenda and Cherine tune so wi jus a give the people what them ask for". Both singers agreed that going in studio to record "Call On Me" was just majic and felt like they were continuing where they left off with "Coming Over". It seems like the hit-making chemistry of the two singers has not been lost as all the radio and sound system DJs as well a select group of fans who previewed the track last week are all very excited about its release.

"Call On me" will become available on iTunes in the coming weeks, and a music video is also in the pipeline. In the meantime fans can listen to "Call On Me" on, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter or tune in to your favorite radio stations where rotation has already picked up, turning attention to the hot new track.

Cherine is currently blazing the airwaves with the Sly and Robbie produced hit "Rebel." The song done by Cherine and Danielle, two of the hottest females in the business is fast becoming an anthem for independent and 'honor-rebel' females who all have that edgy sexy side. "Rebel" recently charted at #1 on CVM TV's Hitlist and routinely appears on local video and online charts.