Tuesday, October 19, 2010

77 Jefferson 'In The Right Mood' Review (Self -Released)

If you’ve ever taken a little bit of time and browsed for reggae music on i-Tunes then you know that your options are endless, if not overwhelming. Of course, credit to i-Tunes and artists, bands, and producers for making so many selections available. However, with so much available it makes it extremely difficult for even the obsessed listener to keep pace with the output. For instance, if you were to search for bands like Rebelution or Iration you will notice a veritable cornucopia of similar bands in the ‘listeners also purchased’ area beneath your search results. Where do you even begin?! Unless you have a considerable amount of time on your hands the answer is a simple one: You don’t, which means that you may very well miss some gems that are out there waiting to be heard.
Thankfully, some artists and bands take the initiative to get themselves heard. One such band is 77 Jefferson out of Kansas City, Missouri. We at the Reggae Review probably would have never come across them had they not reached out to us with a copy of their latest album ‘In The Right Mood’. Needless to say, we are very happy they did.
What really stood out after the first couple of listens was the music. The record is full of original, one drop riddims with elements of dub and modern rock. At the forefront of many of the tracks is a jazzy rhythm guitar which makes for a mellifluous record full of many pleasing moments. The vocals are lacking a bit of emotion in the delivery on the first few tracks, however, there is noticeable improvement as the record progresses.
Stand-out tracks include Dive Back In, complete with a heavy riddim track and a classy guitar intro and outro. It’s a tale of forlorn delivered with appropriate expression and emotion. Ride On has a tremulous affect, the feel of a Bad Brains, bass-heavy riddim track with a spirited and smooth-flowing delivery. The Last Time is an up-tempo tune with a nice melody and again there’s passion in the vocals that is well-suited for the pace of the riddim.
‘In The Right Mood’ reaches a crescendo with the final three tunes, arguably the strongest on the album.
Live Like Kings is the spark that sets the record ablaze with its rapid-fire beat and vocals, forcing even the most reserved to move their dancing feet. The Meaning of Love showcases another heavy roots riddim. The dub influence is prominent here on a track layered with plenty of echo and effects. Vampires re-ignites the record again with its effervescent flow and infectious beat.
With ‘In The Right Mood’, 77 Jefferson has produced a quality record. It is most certainly an album that you can press play and enjoy from beginning to end. And, who knows, you might even find yourself rewinding a few times. Recommended.

Track Listing:
1. On My Way Home
2. Me and You
3. In The Right Mood
4. Before Too Long
5. Dive Back In
6. Ichiban
7. Ride On
8. Always Loving You
9. Wisem' Up
10. Lost My Love
11. The Last Time
12. Live Like Kings
13. The Meaning of Love
14. Vampires