Friday, June 04, 2010

Winston McAnuff 'Nostradamus' Review (Makafresh)

Veteran producer meets veteran artist with Clive Hunt handling the production on ‘Nostradamus’ from Winston McAnuff. When you produce an album using some of the finest musicians in reggae music there’s a good chance it’s likely to be a quality one. Leroy “Horsemouth” Wallace (Drums), Earl “Chinna” Smith (Guitar), Uzziah “Sticky” Thompson (Percussion), Bongo Herman (Percussion), and Lymie Murray (Backing Vocals) all lend their expertise to the project. It’s often said that ‘less is more’ and on ‘Nostradamus’ Winston McAnuff proves this to be true. The song writing is simple, yet concise. There is brevity in the melodies also. Mix Up Moods sets the pace. McAnuff’s sparse words fit neatly on the riddim. Fixi’s accordion is a nice touch. Slave Driver, and Sunday Morning are stand- out tracks. Takin’ It All is a break from traditional reggae, as is Love Is The Song I Sing, something that McAnuff has done a few times over the years. ‘Nostradamus’ will not go down as one of the classics but it is nonetheless a good album that is easy on the ears. The music is of the highest quality and McAnuff uses this to his advantage in creating some good tunes.


Winston McAnuff - Nostradamus

Track Listing:
1. Mix Up Moods
2. Nostradamus
3. Slave Driver
4. Vain Imagining
5. Takin’ It All
6. Love Is The Song I Sing
7. Sunday Morning
8. The Bait
9. Pick Up
10. The Pack
11. Set Us Free