Sunday, August 16, 2009

Exclusive Interview with Tarrus Riley

After a truly incredible performance in St. Petersburg, Tarrus Riley was gracious enough to take a few minutes and answer some questions for The Reggae Review.

The Reggae Review: Tarrus, wicked show.

Tarrus: Thanks, man. Thanks.

The Reggae Review: How did 'Good Girl Gone Bad' come about? How did you get together with Konshens?

Tarrus: Yeah, Konshens and I have a mutual breddren. A youth named Russian who produce the track. Russian is my friend's cousin..So we all friends an he produce Konshens' song 'This Means Money' so when I did 'Good Girl Gone Bad' an he wanted a Deejay I said right away Konshens. Konshens a star, ya know, Konshens a real star. I like his music an he likes my music so we jus link up. I love doing collaborations, ya know.

The Reggae Review: How's the reception been to the album so far?

Tarrus: So far, so good. It cool.

The Reggae Review: Why do you think Reggae Music has such an appeal worldwide?

Tarrus: Because of the message. The message is for everyone. Ya now, the message is not just for one people. Even Jamaican, Jamaican mek ya know dat we deal with everyone. Out of many, one people. So, it's all about a unity, it's gathering. Know say reggae music have different likkle flavors, ya have de a likkle jazz, ya have de R&B, likkle guitar vibes. It's a whole, ya know, like we say 'All', it's a big, like, Gumbo a spices and vibes. Reggae music is for everyone.

The Reggae Review: Thanks Tarrus.

Tarrus: Yeah Mon, Respect.